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April 2024

Finding purpose, joy, and identity after 26 years…

Finding purpose, joy, and identity after 26 years…

It’s hard staying motivated and challenged for 26 years. I wouldn’t say last year was one of my lowest, but it was one of my hardest. As a small business owner there is no one to give us a gold watch or fancy pen in celebration of our 25th year of employment.

When I say hardest, I mean from a motivational perspective. I am extremely thankful to have great clients, trusted partners and a supportive team that goes above and beyond but found myself questioning my purpose. What really matters? What excites me? What do I really love to do? And can I do things differently?

Taking the past year to explore some of these questions has been insightful.

All businesses go through stages. Stage one; developing service offerings, implementing systems, and enhancing skills. Stage two; niching of services, building business confidence and focusing on growth. Therefore, on reflection, I think we are entering stage three, a time for nurturing those that we support and sharing knowledge.

In early 2023, I was fortunate enough to become part of a small group focused on our ‘Second Act’. Meaning, what does our work-life look like moving into the pre-retirement years? We have had many a hearty discussion on what our purpose is, our identity and what brings us joy.

Rich Conversations

These rich conversations helped me see the joy I gain from sharing the knowledge and wisdom I have acquired over my career as a business owner, website developer and branding specialist.

For over three years I have been a mentor for the Melbourne Innovation Centre, sharing my knowledge and experience with new and existing business owners. We have focused on business systems, software implementation, project management, setting up processes, packaging of services, the importance of branding, marketing strategies, website development, SEO and even work life balance.

These immersive conversations have improved my confidence in my ability as a mentor, and provided insight into how we can deliver a more holistic annual review process for our existing clients. A service offering that brings me great satisfaction.

Is it time for you to book an Annual Review?


Focusing on our purpose

Who really wants to be like the mechanic and his car?

Rebranding in 2016 and investing in our purpose of inspiring business owners and organisations to invest in strong, consistent branding and an effective website, has been vital to the success and growth of WWWART.

Rebranding changed the trajectory of our business.

For years, we had a logo and branding elements, but we weren’t living our purpose. Investing in producing a brand that was, consistent, cohesive, and reflective of our values has made a significant difference in the quality of clients we work with. Our clients value what we do and how we do it. They understand the process and the outcome. They appreciate and trust in our partnership.

I am passionate about developing and maintaining brands that are reflective of the values, goals, and passion of each organisation we work with. I know from experience that investing in brand development and maintaining it can improve your marketing outcomes and reduce your stress levels.

Is it time to refresh your brand or even rebrand?


Stop rushing through life

I really hate the ‘busy’ word, but often catch myself mindlessly using it in conversation. What is busy anyway?

When considering how I can do things differently this year, especially now that I am back building websites, I have started a process of blocking my calendar. In the past couple of years, I feel some of my stresses have come from jumping from one task to another and never quite being able to fully concentrate on one thing. By blocking my calendar, I can immerse myself in deep work without interruption, which is extremely rewarding.

Over the past few months of doing this, I’ve been able to make time for better conversations and interactions with family, friends, and colleagues.

How about a coffee date?


To maintain passion for what we do, we need to acknowledge change in ourselves and in our environment. Taking the time to work through my thoughts and questions has been vital for me to continue to find joy in what I do, and how, and why I do it.

If any of the topics above have brought up questions for you, or you would like to hear about some of the resources I’ve tapped into. Give me a call.

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