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March 2021

My recent 'Aha!' moment

Finding our ‘Why’ has changed our business

My recent 'Aha!' moment

And we are receiving the feedback and referrals to prove it. Since learning from and implementing our Mentoring Series last year our mindset has shifted. Our passion for our business has changed, the reason for our services has been enhanced and the desire to learn more about our clients is obvious. This change in mindset has enabled us to integrate much more success and satisfaction into our business.

WWWART has been around for a long time and in many ways that is considered successful, but it had been a long time since we had examined or been inspired to consider why we were in business. What is our core purpose; the motivation to get out of bed for each day?

For many years we have described ourselves as website designers, graphic designs, and branding specialist. Yes, this is what we do but not why we do it. This is not inspiring to us let alone our customers. Business owners who are passionate about what they do want to be part of something that inspires them to be better.

We want to work with clients that trust we have their back; that know we are here for their journey and their success, not just our income. We want to provide services that are appreciated and valued, that improve the chance of our client’s success, and our job satisfaction.

Week three of the Mentoring Series was a game changer for us. Implementing Simon Sinek’s ‘The Golden Circle’ has been invaluable to our business growth, resilience, and customer satisfaction. Client testimonials are now reflecting this change. Clients are mentioning how we invest in their business, how we share our knowledge, and how we support them in the growth of their business.

In Simon’s words:

“People do not buy what you do, they buy why you do it. The goal is not to do business with people who want what you have, but to do business with people who believe what you believe.”

We may not have a big fancy office or people that have worked all over the world, but what we do have is a passion for watching our small business clients and the organisations we work with grow and thrive.

“We inspire our clients to stand out from their competition.”

Loretta Bennett - Reset Therapy

“It was like Fiona was invested in making my business a success. With every phone call, I came away with a couple of ideas and suggestions to help me focus and improve things. It was about the bigger picture. Fiona cares about how we are representing our business and brand.”

Loretta Bennett | Reset Therapy

Tracey Carol - Pure Intentions

“You were able to encourage me to discuss my passions, likes and dislikes. You showed a genuine interest in us and our products, what we wanted from our design and our business. I thought my goodness, she knows exactly what we are talking about.”

Tracey Carol | Pure Intentions Skincare

Adam Mason - Wodonga Osteopathic Clinic

“You need someone reliable, someone with whom you can build a rapport and trust that they will be there when you need them. Someone that will risk challenging you on how you are doing things and how you might do them differently.”

Adam Mason | Wodonga Osteopathic Clinic

Join the Mentoring Series to learn more about Simon Sinek’s theories and how you can exploit your Why to grow business success, and many more tips from other authors.

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My rececnt 'Aha!' moment. Finding our ‘Why’ has changed our business

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