October 2017 2 Min Read

Is your website ready for the next Google change?

Google are now using HTTPS as a ranking signal, for now it's a lightweight signal while time is given to switch to HTTPS. But over time, it will be strengthened to meet their goal of a more secure web.

What does this mean for your website?

Google has begun the process of flagging websites without a HTTPS certificate as 'not secure'. Currently, Chrome indicates HTTP-only connections with a “neutral indicator,” marked by an information symbol. HTTPS connections, in contrast, are marked by a lock symbol next to the word “Secure". 

This change is just the first step in Google’s quest for more informed users on a more secure web. Google announced that future releases of Chrome will label HTTP pages with a red triangle to draw further attention to the unsecure nature of the connection. 

An unsecure website means your visitors and potential customers may leave your website in search for a safer and more secure browsing option.

How can your website be made secure?

WWW.ART Design Services can migrate your website over to a HTTPS Secure connection.

If your website has been built recently contact us and we will provide you with a quote to make the change.

If your website was built over 12 months ago it would be best to book in for a Website Annual Health Check as there have been other significant Google changes in this time. 

Our Website Annual Health Checks are vital to your business maintaining a healthy online presence. We are continually under-going professional development on the changes Google makes to their algorithms and industry best practice.

Our Website Annual Health Check reviews your Google rankings, on-page SEO techniques, visitor interactions and functionality requirements. During this consultation we offer insight into your online marketing and suggest ways in which you can improve your online presence.

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