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Questions - Finding the right web developer

A good relationship with your web developer is absolutely vital to your business. Your website needs will evolve over time so you need someone you can rely on.

We would like to answer some of your initial questions:

Can you supply me with a list of the last ten website you have built?

We are proud of the work we produce and update our portfolio with every project we complete.  

Can you supply me with the contact details of five happy customers?

We would be happy for you contact any of our customers, you will find contact details on their websites or please contact our office for a list.

How long have you been in operation and how many websites have you built?

WWW.ART Design services has been operating since April 1998, the business has evolved over time to offer domain name managementemail and website hostingemail marketing and an extensive range of graphic design services. We have lost count of the number of websites we have built.

What makes your websites search engine friendly?

We build our websites using industry software reducing the risk of bugs and viruses and the amount of code on each page this enhances our ability to rank your website highly in search engines. We work to industry standards and include individual title tags and meta descriptions on all pages. We educate you on how you can continue to maintain and improve your website rankings.

Can you show me examples of your customers’ website ranking well in Google?

We invite you to search for our customer in Google to see for yourself how well their websites rank. You might like to search their business name, the service they offer and the town where they are located.

Who owns your company?

Fiona Larkings owns WWW.ART Design Services Pty Ltd

How many staff members do you employ?

We employ two staff members and have a range of subcontractors that we engage where required.

Who owns my website once it is built?

You own your website upon completion and once the final invoice is paid.

How much will website updates cost and how quickly will they be completed?

Website updates are costed on time to perform them and charge at our hourly rate. The majority of updates are performed within 48 business hours. If major changes are required these can be quoted and schedule to be completed.

Who is responsible for repairing bugs in my website?

The majority of our websites are not prone to bugs as they are built with an industry program not a content management system. Some e-Commerce websites will need to be monitored for updates to prevent bugs and viruses. This will be the responsibility of the business owner unless an ongoing maintenance package has been negotiate.