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December 2019

How Are Your Promoting Your Website?

How to effectivly promote my website?

Your new website is live, it looks great, and now you’re ready to tell the world. But how exactly are you going to promote your website without it costing the earth?

Here are 10 tips and techniques to consider after your website goes live.

1. Make your email signature useful

We send a lot of emails and adding a short sharp promo for your newly launched website will increase awareness and generate exposure.

While working on your email signature consider how you can make it easier for people to contact you. There is nothing worse than an email signature with no details or one that is an image that won’t display. Consider making your signature text based and adding links to your social media profiles or even a sign up to your newsletter, just don’t make it too long!

2. Invest time in social media

Establishing a social media presence and interacting with your customers is a great way to promote your website. Investing time in different social media platforms that are right for your target audience will provide your business with an excellent platform to announce your new website. You might like to consider running a contests or giveaway to entice customers to visit your website and leave contact information.

3. Reciprocal Linking

A great way to show Google that your website is reliable is by having other websites link to your website. When using this strategy look for high ranking websites and focus on links that are relevant to your business and visitors. These inbound links are important to your search engine optimisation (SEO), but you need to be mindful, if you acquire too many at one time your website can be banned from search results.

4. Adjust your voicemail message

Although not for all businesses, many organisations can benefit from adding their website address to their voicemail message. In doing so you can inform callers about your new website and how it will answer their questions.

5. Give your uniform a facelift

If your organisation has a uniform, why not have your website address printed on it. For a cheap solution you can buy transfer paper to iron on the details, a great idea of those wearing t-shirts, polos or aprons. Otherwise spend the extra and have them embroidered for a more professional look.

6. Update printed materials

Take the time to make a list of everything you print; proposals, quotes, invoices, receipts, notepads and the list goes on. Update everything now and then as stocks run out supply the printer with your new digital files. When updating templates make sure to delete the old one so there is no confusion and all members of your team are using the right file.

7. Think signage

Have a shopfront or work vehicle? Include your website along with your other branding elements. A website address is way easier to remember than a phone number and will minimise calls when visitors find the answers to their questions.

8. Don’t forget postal mail

That’s right, we don’t get much in the letterbox these days so why not use postal mail in the form of a flyer, newsletter or postcard as an opportunity to advise your clients of your new website. This could be a great way to reconnect with past clients, you could even offer them an incentive to visit you online or the ability to make a referral.

9. Start a conversation with email marketing

An effective way to promote your new website to your customers is to produce an email newsletter, not only can you use the newsletter for this purpose, but you can continue the conversation with your customers in the future. Email marketing is great for building brand awareness and educating clients about what you do.

10. Implement Google My Business

One of the most important things to do once you have built your website is to develop a Google My Business profile, this is great for gaining a local audience. Google provides website promotion for free, along with directions to your location, a gallery of images and quick access to call from a mobile phone. A Google My Business profile is displayed at the top of search results, giving your business excellent exposure online.

Do you need some help getting started?

If you are still concerned about how you promote your new website let us know and we will help get you started. Or drop us an email and let us know what other methods you have used to promote your website?

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