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October 2021

4 reasons why we are redeveloping our website

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Our website is coming up to five years old. It is starting to feel tired and is no longer a good representation of our business.

To gain quality leads from like-minded organisations and business owners, we are tweaking our brand and rebuilding our website to better reflect our Value Proposition. By enhancing our brand, we hope to strengthen our brand recognition and gain quality leads from future dream clients. As a result, we will be creating a website that is more visually appealing for our target audience in 2022.

1. We want to attract more of our dream clients

We have dream clients that we love working with and we want to attract more of them. Our current website is not communicating our strategic personality. We are continuing to learn from our clients and refine what we offer therefore it is not reflective of the brand promise that our dream clients are now buying into.

Our brand promise to be a Trusted Partner that is Reliable, Responsive and Effective could be conveyed better through photographs, imagery, and words. By redeveloping our website, we hope to inspire dream clients to learn about our capabilities, understand the problems we solve, value how we support our clients, be informed about the services we offer, and enjoy the work we produce.

Here are some questions we asked to guide our redesign process:

2. We want our website to reflect our brand identity and expanded capabilities

Our service offering has expanded. How we support our clients has evolved. We regularly update our website adding new services and projects when they are available, but over time consistency starts to falter; additional pages are added, content is written differently, and calls-to-action become buried.

Redesigning our website will enable us to adjust the website navigation and better group the services we offer. It will encourage us to rework the content so that there is consistent messaging throughout. A new design will make a great first impression, enticing our dream clients to look further.

3. We want to create a better user experience using new design trends

Our website is nearly five years old, and it has become harder to navigate, slower to load and unnecessarily complex. It is starting to feel dated when compared to those we are building for our clients who have had their websites redeveloped using the latest design trends. We want to take the opportunity to implement new design trends while creating a better user experience for our customers.

User experience is crucial to a website’s success. It manages the emotional experience a visitor has when navigating through your website and how it aligns with their intentions. Design trends change every few years and need to be adapted to enhance the user experience. Current design trends take a simple minimalistic approach, designs are clean, modern and cater to mobile interfaces as well as desktops.

Here are some questions we asked when considering improvements to our user experience:

4. We need to incorporate a slightly different content strategy to improve our SEO

A brainstorming session of potential keywords that are relevant to our business and services, highlighted that our keyword strategy needs adjusting. Keywords used by potential customers searching for services offered by our industry have changed. Our competitors are now ranking above us for these new keywords therefore we need to integrate them into our content strategy.

Through a redevelopment of our website, we can create engaging, useful, optimised content that helps search engines see our website as a valuable source for people to find when searching these new keyword terms.

Here are questions we asked when evaluating an adjustment to our content strategy:

Has your website become tired? Is it a good representation of your business?

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