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Branding Your Business

It can be difficult to know where to start when branding your business, to get you started consider these five key branding elements position, promise, personality traits, story, and associations.

Successful branding starts with a well-defined brand that is relevant to your market.

Five Key Brand Elements

Brand Position
Describe what your business does and for whom, what your unique value is and how a customer benefits from working with your business, and what makes you different to your competition.

Brand Promise
What is the single most important thing that your organisation promises to deliver to your customers. What do customers, employees, and partners expect from every interaction with you.

Brand Personality
What do you want your organisation to be known for. How do you want prospects, clients, employees, and partners to describe your business, you should have 4-6 single term traits.

Brand Story
This illustrates the businesses history and how this adds value and credibility to the brand. It also usually includes a summary of your products or services.

Brand Associations
Brand Associations are the specific physical pieces that make up the brand, your name, logo, colours, taglines, fonts, imagery, etc. This should reflect your brand promise, your brand traits, and support your positioning statement.

See our portfolio for a more detailed overview of our diverse and inspiring designs.

What Our Clients Say

Fiona the pull up banner has arrived and its fantastic! Wish you could see it, you'd be impressed. I'm really glad we got it in time for the show. If the machines don't sell it certainly won't be because of the artwork. Thanks

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